The past twenty years has seen The Institute, working with The Kolbe Academy Homeschool Program. We help Homeschool Families in areas of difficulty for parents to implement such as the upper grade levels.  We specialize in helping the students in areas of Math and Science.  The unique way we do this is by what we call Consultations.  Consultations are hours within the week where students or their parents have established with the Institute.  They are structured to keep the student independent in their learning process. The student secure that they have support of faculty that have knowledge and have taught the subject matter in which the student is having difficulty. The time can be used to take tests.


Homeschool Support can be structured anyway the parent and student need help.  The parent may be Home Schooling more than one student and can overwhelmed with the paperwork that comes with reporting test scores and grades and other administrative that does necessarily are part of teaching and learning.





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